WTF? Or Where’s The Finances

I was going to get all down and dirty and really serious with this and trace one step to another but frankly I just don’t have the heart. It is so tedious. I’m pretty sure most of you will be able to keep up with the annotated version and be thankful I spared you from my particular brand of craziness. Let’s just start with some facts.

During George Bush’s presidency the United States received 1.5 Billion from Libya on October 31, 2008 for payments to be made to compensate families and others for the 1988 bombing of a Pan Am flight over  Scotland, in which 270 people were killed, and for families from bombings at a Berlin disco that killed three Americans and injured 229 others on April 5, 1986.

That’s quite a bit of compensation there.

The reason I even know anything about this is I went to the Library of Congress to snoop around the bills that Joe Biden had sponsored and how many had actually become law.  I believe in fairness above all so I thought it only right to see what this guy is really about, particularly as he seems quite often to present signs from the early stages of Alzheimer’s.  He speaks in public so rarely it’s not easy to figure out what he actually stands for so I thought I’d go take a look.

I found a bill (“Libyan Claims Resolution Act”) sponsored on April 31, 2008 by then Senator Biden that swiftly became Public Law No: 110-301 on August 4, 2008.  On August 14, 2008,  Libya and the United States signed the compensation deal in Tripoli that paved the way for the 1.5 Billion dollar settlement this bill referred to. And here we had Senator Biden rushing this bill through that has specifically to do with any settlement that may be received but hadn’t been agreed to yet.  It’s uncanny how the Republicans and Democrats can work so well and quickly together when there’s money on the table.

OK. What does that law have in it that should make a difference and make me pause and say to myself, WTF?  Let’s see.  “Libyan Claims Resolution Act”.  Claims?  So I read further.  If you’re actually interested in this type of thing I suggest you click the link I left above and read it for yourself and make up your own mind on what it actually says.  What I gathered is that Libya wasn’t going to have to come up off of any more of the green if they forked over the billion and a half and they were also exempt from further prosecutions etc.  That is if I’m reading it correctly.

So, as is the norm with me, I’m a little confused.  Why is Biden so quick to get this in there and get this done when it hasn’t even been agreed to yet, although we all know they do what they want when they want, let’s not let a relatively small thing like a date make people wonder. Biden was officially nominated for vice president on August 27 by voice vote at the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver and there was little doubt that Obama would win the big prize if the polls continued to favor him.  It was a mere few weeks before that he’d sponsored the bill that took a whole 4 days to become law.

Alright what do we have so far.  A new president on the horizon, a new Vp too, and oh yes, a new Secretary of State who, it just so happens, is none other than Hillary Clinton and according to the terms in this new law, will be able to do almost anything she wants with who she appoints to do whatever with the funds that are obviously expected to be received.  Of course at this time she was still running for president. So they say.  I’d bet there have been quite a few more curious events happen than some type of agreement being made before an election to just go for a golden goose.  I mean they’ve made this law before Libya agreed to give them a dime, but we all know these things are rigged beforehand don’t we?

Now that I have that small bit of information, the amounts given out to all of the people that this 1.5 Billion dollars was meant to compensate in some way for their injuries or death or a multitude of other things bombings and crashes and terrorism can cause to the psyche are linked below. I found the charts that showed what had been paid to whom and when and you’ll probably not be too surprised to learn that all of the payoffs to those that had filed claims were all paid off before Obama and Biden left office and some of the largest payouts were made during Clinton’s first year as Secretary of State.  She left the office February 1, 2013.

Now make of all that whatever you will but check out the amounts at the Department of Justice. Scroll down just a bit and you’ll find all the files with all the claims and the amounts paid, when they were paid etc.  The whole ball of wax. Hint- they’re below the ones for  Iraq.   I’m sure my calculations are skewed, I never was much for math, but even taking my inadequacies into consideration, I think I ended up with something like three hundred seventy million, one hundred thousand dollars not accounted for.

WTF? I hope you got a bit before they shooed you out the door George.

If anyone else cares to do the research and show me the error of my ways, I don’t mind a bit.  I don’t think I’m far off the mark, but you’re welcome to show me, I’ll admit I’m wrong when I am.  🙂  I’ve left all the links you’ll need to come to your own conclusion.


  1. Diane, I see no flaws in your logic.

  2. The things you find when you thought you were just looking around. LOL

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