What a Pain

I had a little conversation with my husband yesterday morning and as I can’t think of anything else to post, I’m relating it here.

Pain in the Neck

He had just gotten up and was sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee and reading the newspaper, and every now and then rolling his head on his neck, and to me, it was obvious he was in some type of pain so I started telling him about Dr. Frank’s homeopathic spray for dogs and cats. I said if the stuff really worked like the commercials on TV showed, then I wouldn’t mind spraying some of my own water with the stuff.

You get the idea~

He had never seen the commercial so I was telling him that according to their spin it would turn an old dog into a puppy if you just sprayed a few squirts into their water bowl, and he said that he was all for that, if something he could spray into water would take some of his aches and pains away he wouldn’t mind using it even if he did have sudden urges to take a dump in the backyard or started shedding (although I hate to tell you honey, if the drain in the bathtub is any indication, you’re ALREADY doing a bit of shedding).

Hair Drain Monster

It was on the tip of my tongue to throw in that it might also give him the urge to bury a bone a little more often but good sense prevailed and I left that out. Now come to find out by looking up the link for the pet spray, they also have this spray for humans so he could safely try it without having to worry about taking a squat in the backyard or losing any more hair. I on the other hand would opt for the pet’s version just to see if my bone burying theory worked.

Burying A Bone

So have any of y’all out there ever heard of this stuff or tried it?  LOL  Let me know if you have!  I’ll try anything, well most anything, once. 😉

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