War of the Worlds- What If?

I thought it would be interesting to see what y’all thought about the possibility of life on other planets. If you do believe that there is, do you think something like H. G. Wells described in his book that is so well-known, (partly due to the publicity given Orson Welles’s 1938 broadcast), could happen?  For fun, and if you’re at all interested, I’ve include the original broadcast audio and another version from 1955 if you’d like to listen.

This is the original version of  Orson Welles’s “War of the Worlds” (10-30-1938) presented October 30, 1938 by The  Mercury Theater On The Air and also starring Frank Readick, Kenny Delmar, and Ray Collins.
This version of War of the Worlds (02-02-1955) stars Dana Andrews and Pat Crowley and is different from the original Orson Welles broadcast in many ways.
Although the day after the broadcast newspapers claimed that the program had frightened millions of Americans into believing Earth had been invaded by Martians, research of those claims tend to tell a different story. A “C.E. Hooper” ratings survey at the time contacted 5,000 homes and only 2% of those surveyed claimed to be listening to a radio play or Welles’s broadcast at the time.
Although unsubstantiated the consensus has been that newspapers were attempting to discredit radio as a valid source of news, mainly in the hopes that advertisers would transfer their ad campaign dollars to print.
The premise of the story was that Martians invaded New Jersey, and were obliterating every human and building they came across.  It was presented as a series of news reports which is what led people to believe it was an actual event and not just a play. IF the research regarding widespread panic isn’t faulty, then there really were millions fooled by the broadcast.  Whichever the case, fake news or truth, the broadcast is now legend.
What are your thoughts on the likelihood or probability of alien lifeforms? Do you believe or not? If you do believe, do you think they’d be peaceful?
Or would they, like the novel’s characters, be malevolent?
I prefer to believe they would be like Michael Rennie’s character of Klaatu in the 1951 film, “The Day The Earth Stood Still.”

But with my look, should I ever live long enough , and if it ever were to happen, they’d be like the Kanamits from my most favorite “Twilight Zone” ever- “To Serve Man.”

If you’ve never seen it you should Google it immediately and find someplace to stream it.  You can find it for sure on Netflix.  It’s Episode 24 of Season 3.
Whatever your beliefs or thoughts on the matter, we’d love to hear from you. Until then, “Klaatu barada nikto”.

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