The Romanian Salt Mine 666 Feet Below The Surface Of The Earth

Let’s check out another part of the world and take a look at Salina Veche which is an old salt mine in Slănic, Romania.

Its visually stunning and unique.

Located about 62 miles north of Bucharest, it is no longer open for extraction.

I bet the acoustics are awesome.

Also, located within, is the largest planetarium in Romania.

The Supernova Planetarium

The visuals in this place are stunning.

Absolutely amazing crystalline formations.

It has a microclimate with natural air-conditioning and constant temperature and atmospheric pressure throughout the year.

An elevator takes you down 666 feet. Hmmmm

Many of the visitors who come here do so because they believe that the atmosphere has healing effects due to the purity of the air.

A bit hard to see but there’s a playground for children as well.

Not only is there a playground for the kids, but there are billiard tables, ping pong tables, and even WiFi.

There’s said to be a very strong odor of salt remaining.

There are two levels to the mine,  Unirea and Mihai.

There’s a coffee bar right by the children’s playground.

There is one section that is for medical patients so there may be something to the belief that there are healing properties in the mine.

There’s also a buffet, and adult beverages!

While you’re in this part of Romania, it’s only 77 miles to Bran Castle in Transylvania, the supposed home of Vlad Dracula, so you might as well take advantage of the proximity and check that out too. 😉

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