The Raw, Electric Beauty of Lightning- 28 Examples

I absolutely hate posts and pages that have videos and songs that are set to autoplay. I’m a big girl, I can make the decision to listen or watch something all by myself. With that being said, I may be using the feature below more often in posts. I can think of a song for almost any subject but that doesn’t mean I’m going to try to force you to listen to it. If you’d like to listen while viewing the pictures, just click the start button on the audio player.

Lightning, while being a bit scary at times, is absolutely one of the most beautiful and magical things nature has to offer.  The National Weather Service reports that on average, over the 30 years spanning 1989 – 2018, that 43 people died yearly by being struck by lightning.

That’s only about 10% of the total people who are struck yearly.  The other 90% almost inevitably suffer from varying degrees of disability.  I have no death wish, so when the sky starts up with the light show, I find shelter, but I take my time about it, soaking in the excitement and tension while waiting on the thunder.  I absolutely LOVE storms.  And lightning is the best thing about them.

  Whether you’re in the city,

or the country

mother nature deprives no one. Everyone is invited to her shows.  Enjoy!

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