3d Tattoos That Are Absolutely Awesome

┬áThese 3D Tattoos are absolutely awesome, there’s just no other word for them.

I personally don’t have any tattoos and that’s not because I disapprove or don’t care for the art, it’s because I’m really against inflicting pain on myself if there’s any possible way around it. I know people that say it doesn’t hurt, I know people that swear it’s the worse pain they’ve ever experienced and I know people that were so drunk when they got their tats they didn’t feel a thing; it’s just not something I’m curious enough about to experiment with.

Anyone that claims tattoo artists are not “artists” really should take a look at these. To draw something like these on paper, let alone on someone’s skin with a vibrating tool is beyond belief. The one of the strawberry on the foot looks like you could pluck it up and eat it, and there’s one of a butterfly that literally looks ready to fly off of the woman’s calf.

I was totally engrossed while I was searching these photos out, and I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I did. This last one totally blows me away!