Bad Dog Warning Card

I guess it’s a good thing I’m so familiar with doing things on the Internet and via a computer because I just got a Bad Dog Warning Card from the USPS, so I might need email more than ever.  And, might I add, I am LMAO!
Bad dog warning cardThe only thing that was written on this card was our address, and after the address- IN HOUSE  HONK. I suppose in one of her more creative attack modes she might actually crash through the glass window and the screen and satisfy her taste for mail carriers that way, but I find it highly unlikely.  Shaking my head.
I have to say if you are a mail carrier and you are so afraid of dogs, no matter how bad their bark, that you can’t knock on a door or ring a doorbell because an animal INSIDE THE HOUSE scares you, you might have taken the wrong career path.