Strange Sounds, Silent Screams and Scattered Thoughts- Inside The Mind of Jeff Oliver

Xander has experienced a deranged and brutal childhood leaking into adulthood, pounding in his memories. Haunting him and hating him every day of his twisted life.

And there you have the premise of Jeff Oliver’s newest book, Poetic Fiction: Journals Of Silent Screams , with that wonderful cover by artist Dan Verkys.
Jeff is not a first time author. His other publications include Scattered Thoughts, and Strange Sounds, all of which are available on Amazon in both Kindle format and paperback. You can view these items by clicking on the titles of the books.
Jeff also has an online presence with his pages Words From The Soul, where you can find daily offerings of his poetry and thoughts, and also, Art From The Soul, where he invites all of those artistically inclined to post their art in various formats.
For a more in depth look at what spurs Jeff on check out Jeff Oliver’s Strange Sounds, first posted on October 05, 2019.

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