So You Think You Love Bacon?


Do you wrap your food in bacon? Do you save leftover bacon grease and fry your eggs in it? Do you put it in salads, and on sandwiches with other meats? If you answered yes to any of those you probably do love bacon, but if you own any of the below items you are simply a bacon freak!

The Bacon Briefcase: Perfect for high end business deals at breakfast meetings.

Bacon Wallet: The perfect match for your briefcase.

Bacon Shoes: Extra energy for those on the go.

Bacon Wrapped Turkey: No basting necessary.

The Bacon Bra: Perfect for that bedtime snack.

Bacon Condoms: See image above…

The Bacon Cake: Celebrating another year of not having a heart attack.

The Bacon Poetry Kit: Leave sweet bacon messages or reminders on the fridge such as, “Don’t forget to buy bacon.”

Bacon Suits For Your Brood: Just in case they’re not getting harassed at school enough already.

The Bacon Hula Skirt: Providing hours of bacon fueled dance.

Bacon Candy: Because who needs a mint?

Bacon Toothpicks: To get the bacon bits out of your teeth of course!

Bacon Blanket: When you’re out of ways to humiliate your pet.Star Wars Bacon: Let the Force be with you!

Bacon Salt: Perfect for BBQ’d pork.

The Bacon Dress: A sure-fired way to catch any man’s attention.

So there you have it.  People are obsessed with bacon to the point these things actually exist.  If you were to happen across any of these items at a local store, which would you purchase if any?

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