Scary, Sad, and Happy Clowns, A Collection

Most people I know either hate or love clowns with not many, that I know of at least, that have a “Meh” attitude towards them.  I remember a few years back, in 2016, when there were quite a few stories floating around about “Killer” clowns terrorizing different communities in odd and out of the way places.  Most of those turned out to be marketing stunts, although a young boy claimed that two evil looking clowns tried to abduct him.  This was never proven.  The sightings sparked several viral posts on social media.  Then of course there are the crazy clown based movies such as Killer Klowns from Outer Space, and the all time favorite “IT”, both old and new. The older being a television mini-series

I’ve collected here a mixture of three clown types; scary, sad and happy.  If you like clowns you should enjoy these pictures.  If you don’t you won’t be reading this anyway, but for those of you that are and know someone who is afraid of clowns, don’t forget to share.  😉


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