Pretty Parrots and Their Spectacular Plumage

When I was growing up I remember the family having a parakeet or two and how pretty they were.  They’re just a smaller version of parrots and are of the parrot family. Parrots have always been a favorite of mine to see in zoos and at animal attractions, and I’m thinking that may be why.

In Galveston, Texas there’s an attraction named Moody Gardens and it consists mainly of three different pyramids right on the shoreline of Galveston Bay. There’s the Discovery Pyramid which always has interactive art, science & nature exhibits.

There’s the Aquarium pyramid, which is self-explanatory as is the Rainforest Pyramid.  The thing about the Rainforest Pyramid though is it houses all sorts of birds and animals whose natural habitat is a rainforest and there are many different types, the most spectacular of which, are, the parrots.  I never miss the Rainforest Pyramid when visiting Moody Gardens.

Parrots who live in the wild have a lifespan of 80 years or longer.

Macaws, Amazon parrots, cockatiels, parakeets, and cockatoos are very popular as pets. Even though I love seeing them in zoos and the like, I definitely never want one as a pet myself.  While they’ve been popular throughout history for their intelligence, charisma and charm, they’re quite messy to keep indoors in a small area.

When I first moved to Texas I lived with my brother and his wife and my sister-in-law had a parrot, and that bird threw seeds everywhere, splashed water all over the floor and was just an all around mess maker, even though his cage was spacious. He was allowed out to perch and then you’d have even bigger messes.  If you like parrots, I’d suggest never getting one as a pet, because after I’d lived with that one of my sister-in-law’s for a few months, I didn’t care if I ever saw another.

That feeling eventually went away and now I enjoy viewing these magnificently plumed birds whenever I find myself somewhere I’m able to be around them.

If you ever do decide to buy a parrot as a pet you should be aware that there are laws forbidding the sale of any wild-caught species, so make sure you buy from a reputable seller.

If you are looking for a parrot as a pet and are interested in teaching it to speak,  the best bird for that is the male African gray. They are the most talented at mimicing human speech and the most accomplished.

Whether your interest in these birds runs strictly to the occasional visual enjoyment of their bright and various colors, such as mine does, or you’re seriously considering owning one as a pet, or already do, remember that they have a long life span and may very well outlive you.  Also be prepared to do a lot of sweeping up.

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