Pretty Cool Bunk Bed Ideas and Plans

By Jay Bates

This first set of bunk beds are by Jay Bates of The Instructables. and are very reminiscent of a set of plans that were published in Reader’s Digest years ago.  I know this because at the time, I had a friend of mine build a set of them for my sister’s two boys who were then 8 and 10.  Those beds lasted until my nephews were grown and had moved out on their own. If I recall correctly, my sister then passed them on to someone else who needed a set. I’d say that’s a pretty good reference.  These look like they’re just as sturdy and will probably last just as long as those did.
When you’re tight on space, or just want another bed available bunk beds are great to have.  Of course if you’re planning on using them for your own kids, be prepared for the “who gets the top bunk?” argument that’s sure to arise.  Come to think of it, the only thing I don’t see on this set of beds is a guard that I’m sure was on the set my friend made.  That should be an easy enough addition to anyone who’s handy enough to take on this type of project anyway.
These other beds show just how versatile and attractive, not to mention space saving, these types of beds can be.
I may be mistaken but I believe this type, with a bed that rolls out from under another, is typically known as a trundle bed.
The bookcases at the ends of this set is a nice touch.
I like the use of netting on these.
These are super cool with the desk space at either end.
The ladders on a rail are a nifty idea and the drawers at the bottom. Let’s hope these are for sound sleepers who won’t be rolling off in the night.
The portholes letting in some extra light on these is nice.
I really like the way these look. I’m guessing the upper frame is bolted into the walls.
Nice looking and cool steps with the lighting around them.
I think these are excellent.  I particularly like the staircase rather than a ladder.
This is nice with the larger bed on the bottom.  At least if whoever’s on top rolls off they’ve got a 50/50 chance of landing on the lower bed’s mattress.
I guess these are fairly cool looking but call me a worrier, LOL, that looks like a long ways to the floor to me from the top.
Here are a few that aren’t bunk beds but make great use of space.
This would be a wonderful spot to curl up and read.
Great idea for a long narrow room.
Bunk beds and these others all make great use of space and are all reasonably attractive, but there’s one thing that anyone who has ever had beds of this type will probably agree with me on, and that’s that they are a regular pain in the ass to make.

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