Peeing On Trees And In Public, Are We All OK With This?

For some reason or another, unknown to me, and kept secret from other women as well I’m sure, men like to pee on trees. They see tree, pee. One two three. That is, of course, if they’re out in the woods or IS it? There’s the  PP Planter that is designed to be placed and used on public thoroughfares.
I don’t know about you but I prefer to take care of my toilet functions in just a little more private area.  It’s a good thing that the construction of this “convenience” includes ways to filter out all the bad things urine has in it, because that is then recycled to water the trees included in the design, and also because-
dog cankerThat is what happens to a tree that is continually used as a dog toilet.  It’s called “dog canker” and it can really mess up an otherwise healthy tree. Urine obviously has some bad elements. I really, really feel bad for this next tree-
dogs-waiting-line-to-pee-on-treeSo we know dogs like to pee on trees, and it’s not good for the trees, and some people don’t care if they pee within splashing distance of pedestrians, but what about you guys that get out in the woods camping, or hiking, or hunting, do you feel the need to pee on a tree? I have a theory here and not being equipped with the correct body part I can’t test it for myself so I’ll ask.  Is it the splashing?  Does peeing on a tree perhaps deflect the pee that might splash up if you were to just aim at the ground?
cartoon of tree in a porta potty
Is it more comfortable?  WHAT?  Whatever the reason you’ll be glad to know that there are inventors and designers looking out for you.
If you ask me that’s GROSS.  The designer though sees it as a perfect meeting place for guys to message. HUH? What the hell is holding their pee wand while they’re doing this texting?  Y’all train them or what? That’s just absurd.

The above design at least has a bit more privacy and it filters the urine and recycles it into water to keep the tree in the center nourished.  Something to message each other about I guess. I don’t see how those really have much to do with an actual tree, but this next example, at least looks more like a tree, regardless of the fact it’s as white as white on rice.  It has a bark like texture and OH I bet I’m on to something.  I bet the bark is what keeps the pee deflected to a certain extent, instead of splashing all over you as you enjoy your peeing on a tree moments.
I have no idea why they’re calling the following (and final) urinal a Pee Pee TREE, because it resembles a tree in no way that I can see unless the pee input openings are supposed to be some sort of branch.  It does, however, have seedlings of things that can absorb noxious gasses for you to plant while standing there not holding your Johnson in your hand, or when you have a few free minutes away from texting your urinal neighbor.
peepee tree
So tell me guys. Really.  Just what the hell is up with y’all peeing on trees and would you pee on any of these??

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  1. I am a 33 year old man and I have no temptation ever to pee on a tree but a reasonable assumption is maybe that people use the tree as a way of hiding there junk so no one else sees them?
    I don’t know just a thought!

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