3D Sidewalk Art Is So Realistic

What is labeled 3D art is two-dimensional art and is often drawn on sidewalks or the sides of buildings, and creates amazingly lifelike images that will make you hesitant to step on for more reasons than not wanting to mar such marvelous artwork.
There are often festivals where these amazing artists showcase their talents and talk shop with one another.
All of the street painters I’ve chosen here are not only sidewalk artists but paint and draw in other mediums as well. The images below include work by the following artists:
Kurt Wenner Leon KeerJulian BeeverEdgar MüllerManfred StaderJoe HillNikolaj Arndt
Now for the art!

Pretty cool aren’t they?  I don’t know if I could stand to put all of that work into something and then have people walk on it or a sudden rainstorm wash it away. Beautiful while they last though.