Nineteen Pieces of Desk Art

I can remember plenty of days when I was in school and not caring a bit about what the teacher was saying and making doodles on the desktop, but the people who were sitting at the desks in the following pictures were way above my level. Actually, all 19 pieces of desk art here, are taken to the next level. A few of them make me wonder though how old some of these are, as it’s obvious a knife was used to carve the images and I’m fairly certain you surely don’t want to be caught with a knife on school property in this day and age. Check these out and see what you think about their creativity and the levels of boredom it must have taken day after day for these to come into being.

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I particularly like the 3rd one from the bottom of the old lady smoking the pipe. That took some definite talent. What about you? Which one of these appealed to you if any? Comment and let us know!

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