Nail Art Is All The Rage But Is It Art?

According to Job Hero, the following is the description of a Nail Technician’s job:

Nail Technicians shape and style people’s nails, providing manicures, pedicures, and other nail treatments. Also called Manicurists/Pedicurists, Nail Technicians usually work in salons and spas, though some are self-employed and work from home or travel to their customers.

I couldn’t find anything that described being a nail artist and while most nail artists are nail technicians there surely must be a line drawn between the two because it truly takes artistry to turn out some of the nail sets I’ve seen.

I realize that a lot of the art is simply a decal, but having the patience and eye to group all of the elements involved together shows the soul of an artist at the very least.

Take a look at these following examples I’ve chosen from a wee bit on the dark side and let us know in comments what you think!

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