Men, Women, Children and the Masks They Wear

Whether you agree or disagree with the wearing of masks in our present times, most people wear them within the guidelines set by whatever powers that be in their local jurisdictions.  I know if you want to hit up WalMart  you’d better be wearing one or you’ll miss out on shopping there and anywhere else the wearing of one is mandatory.  I thought we’d take a look at different men, women, children and the masks they wear.

  It’s obvious in some of these pictures that a lot of people are definitely into making the wearing of their masks into a fashion statement, and totally coordinate them with their outfits.  I’m in the “just wear this thing as long as it takes me to get what I’m here after” category, so a simple paper one works for me.

This first picture shows that some people are not only serious about mask wearing, but serious about adding an extra layer of protection and throwing in a face shield as well.

mask and face shield

This is more in line with what I meant when I mentioned color coordination.  Scarves are permissable to double as masks.  All that’s important is that they cover your mouth and nose.

Mirrored sunglasses weigh into that fashion statement thing and give this whole ensemble that extra pizazz.

I’ve absolutely no idea what these symbols stand for, but it’s kind of cool

I’ve seen quite a few of these types of masks with the skeleton theme.

I’d have to say the whole hearts sunglasses and print on this mask and the veil on the beret fit in with the fashion statement crowd.

I’m just a guy, a regular guy.  Give me a ball cap and a bandanna and everything’s gonna be alright.

The more I look at these the more I wonder, who owns the companies that are making these masks and how much money are they making out of this “pandemic”? This was most definitely designed for a child.

Skull and crossbones got it going on.  LOL

How old can this little girl be?  I’ll go with three.  There’s no way this wasn’t made especially for a child.

Sunflowers.  I think.  Such bright and hopeful flowers.

Hurray for the red, white and blue.  I’d expect to see someone in uniform wearing something along these lines.

Those wire rim glasses fit right in with this “artsy” design.

Might as well go all out.  I’d expect no less from a guitarist.

All we are saying, is give peace a chance.  And let’s hope the sun doesn’t come out too brightly because I have my ball cap on backwards and it won’t help much to keep it out of my eyes.

Me, not 30 seconds out of the store and away from people.

I’m not sure if this is a salute to the SpaceX generation or Star Wars, but it’s different.

Bright and color matched, it gets the job done.

Gold blooded?  Does that have something to do with the 49’ers?  I’m woefully sports ignorant.

Fighting the Covid…

Pretty sure Barney was purple but an orange dinosaur wearing a mask is kind of campy.

Yesssssssss,  plus in my case I wear glasses too and I can’t see half the time because my breath keeps fogging them up.

I have to agree with this guy.  Fock Covid 19.

RSVP to whom about what?  Or does it stand for something I’m not concerned with trying to figure out at the moment?

Just a nice floral design in complimentary colors.

And then you have this.  Something even WHO and the CDC say you don’t need, but hey- whatever blows your dress up and keeps your germs trapped inside.

Whether you think masks are necessary or not, it’s little to ask to make others feel at ease, and when it’s all said and done, it may very well also help in the spread of Covid 19, even if the necessity of wearing one has been  changed over and over again throughout this whole thing.  If nothing else, you can always make some sort of statement in the mask you choose to wear.

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