Learn How To French Kiss- Seriously?

I was looking around the Houston Chronicle’s website, and I ran across a link to Teen Advice, Are You Ready to Have Sex?, and I thought, well AM I? LOL Let’s go see. I got all 45 questions correct so I guess I am. It’s good to know I’ve been ready for the past, oh I don’t think I’ll go there, so let’s just say the past SEVERAL years.
That site though is where I found the HOW TO link for French kissing. Damn! I never knew there was a how to. I wish they’d had that kind of thing when I was getting slobbered all over by inept teenage boys ages ago. I might have agreed to more than one date with some of them if I could have said, HERE- go to this site and meet me again tomorrow night.
I decided I’d post about my discovery and I thought I’d go find a picture to go with it and instead of hitting Images I hit Web and lo and behold! MORE French kissing how to’s. This one guy even has a DVD showing you how.
What I want to know is this- how did the human race ever survive back in the day without such information so readily available? I also have an opinion, and that is, if you have to read a “How To” or watch a DVD to be able to French kiss well, you might as well just hang it up and keep to pecks on the cheek or smooching because in my experience, you either got it or you don’t. Kissing well isn’t something you learn, it’s a God given TALENT.

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