Jack-O-Lanterns For Everybody, Ideas To Help You Get Your Carve On

I know Halloween won’t be here for another month, and no telling yet how trick or treating will occur, if it does, due to COVID-19, but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared, even if it’s only that carving a pumpkin for the holiday brings a sense of normalcy to otherwise absurd times.
What I’ve tried to do here is collect some images that look to me fairly easy to carve without a painstaking diagram and instructions or a myriad of different tools.  Designs that are a bit different than the usual Jack-O-Lantern, but not difficult to re-create.
The most you should ever really need to carve a pumpkin is a sharp paring knife, perhaps also a serrated knife if you decide to get fancy, and a scoop to finish cleaning the inside when you’ve pulled what seeds out you were able to with your hands.
Also some newspaper or a pan to collect the seeds, which if you don’t throw away or roast in the oven for eating later, you can add to your theme if that’s your thing.
And don’t forget a Magic Marker or other pen, although felt tips seem to work best, for drawing your design.
See? Simple yet effective.

OK OK OK, this one might have taken some time, but I liked it so much I added it anyway.

Easy peasy, japanesy.

The cat and the bat don’t look all that tough.

Child’s play, but of course if you do let your child carve, make sure they’re careful with the knife! You don’t want to end up at the emergency room.

I really like this one but it would probably need an electric or battery operated light if it was setting outdoors instead of in a window as I imagine a candle would be blown out easily by the slightest breeze.  I don’t know about where y’all are, but here on the Gulf Coast of Texas, Halloween almost always means wet, cold, windy.

Your run of the mill Jack-O-Lantern but made interesting with colored smoke.

The skeleton works for me.
This one might take a bit more planning than the others but looks like it would be worth the time.
This looks pretty straight forward too.  You can of course choose which finger to accent on your own rendition. 🙂
Probably need some patience here with the curlicues but still doesn’t appear that challenging.
Here’s one for the kids to try.
Nothing to these guys but they still look cool.
I had to LOL at the guy on the left.  Very inventive.
Works for me!
Here we’ve got that big mouth thing going again on the left, doesn’t bode well for candles staying lit.
Love the eyes on this and as the eyes are higher on the pumpkin, a bit of wind shouldn’t matter.
A welcoming trio.
I guess you must have a farm if you’ve got this many pumpkins you can carve. Have you priced a good sized pumpkin lately? The average cost for a medium sized pumpkin is about $5.00. Nothing fancy in this group but they look awesome.
And if push comes to shove and it’s a serious matter of keeping up with or outdoing the Joneses, you can always head on over to WalMart complete with pattern book.
Whatever you choose, we here at Don’t Poke The Bear wish you and yours a safe and fun Halloween.  Happy Carving!

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