Hummingbirds Part Two; 38 Images and Some Interesting Facts

When hummingbirds migrate, they don’t do it in flocks, but primarily travel solo hundreds of miles.

The humming noise that their wings make as they beat so quickly is where their name comes from.

Out of all the different species of birds that DO migrate, the hummingbird is the smallest to do so.

No other bird can fly backwards, only hummers.

Hummingbirds are attracted to color and have no sense of smell so you should plant orange, red, or some other bright colored flower to lure them as adding dye to nectar is not good for them, which is also why feeders are normally colored vividly.

A nickel, according to the U.S. Mint, weighs 5 grams. The average weight of a hummingbird is less than that.

Hummers can’t walk, and only use their legs for perching or moving from side to side while perched.

Beating their wings is not the only thing a hummer does fast.  It drinks nectar by inserting its tongue in and out 13 times every second.

Female hummers only lay, on average, 2 eggs and have been found in nests smaller than a fifty cent piece.

In North and South America, there are over 330 species of hummingbirds.

You may know that a group of crows is called a “murder”, but did you know that groups of hummingbirds are referred to as “a glittering, a shimmer, a tune, and a bouquet:?

And there you have it, 38 hummingbird images, and a few quick facts. If there’s something interesting you know about hummingbirds out of the norm, please comment and let us know!

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