Here’s to having a bad day!

Sometimes we may think we’re having a bad day; but these people of Reddit clearly ARE having bad days, weeks and years! So don’t feel quite so bad! Maybe despite the day not being so great for them, it might makes yours better with a smile, so it’s not all bad for them either.

This would totally be my dumb luck too, buddy!

I’m pretty sure this has happened to many of us!

I’ve actually done this myself, manned up and ate it anyways!

That would not end your day well, biggest jig saw puzzle EVER!

You had one job straw cutter!Kind of feeling defeated now at this point?

“If they accepted it, then it is not unacceptable.”

Oh the joys of summer!  Better get some vinegar on that stat!
And then there’s parenting…

Someone is getting a talking to!

source Reddit r/WellThatSucks

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