Gorgeous Skulls Carved From Geodes and Stone

I cannot even begin to imagine the skill it takes to fashion these skulls. They are hauntingly beautiful and have such exquisite detail. I first ran across a few pictures of these a year or so ago and when I finally found the website that sold them, I was surprised at the cost. I figured anything as gorgeous and of the type of materials these are carved from, they wouldn’t be cheap, and they aren’t, but they are very reasonably priced in my opinion. They have several different sizes and I would imagine that those are determined by the size of the original stones etc. I want to say right now that this isn’t a paid post or advertisement. I just really, really love their artistry.

If I was a wealthy person, I’d have these everywhere. As it stands though I only have two small amethyst skulls and I’m inordinately pleased to own those, particularly as amethyst is known to have healing properties. I wouldn’t have those though if my husband hadn’t bought them for me for Valentine’s Day. That may seem like a strange gift to some but I was very surprised and pleased. Take a look at these skulls I have pictured here, and while Skullis is not the only site that sells these made from different types of stone and crystals; from my frequent viewing of such skulls, I consider them to be the best. Take a look at these and I think at the very least you’ll agree they’re awesome.

Amethyst and Agate

Chinese Amazonite

Blue Aragonite

Dinosaur Egg Agate 

Druse crystals are a common occurrence in many plants and are usually granular or star-like in shape.

Quartz Rock Crystal Druse

Fluorite Druse

Quartz Druse

They even have dragon skulls, which I must say, delights me to no

Ocean Jasper

Black Obsidian

The few images I’ve shown you here are but a very small part of their (SKULLIS) large inventory and there are so many more options and types of stone. If you have a few hours you don’t particularly know how to spend, take a trip over there and I guarantee you’ll enjoy every minute and probably be amazed at all of the examples. I’m saving for a life-size.

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