Fantastic Animated Gifs

I do a little bit of animation from time to time. I can do some very simple things, like make pseudo-neon flashing signs, and I can ripple the surface of water etc and like I said, that is all very simple. These following pieces by their various artists are just out of this world. I have no doubt that I will never achieve anything close to their greatness.

The name on this animated gif was 3 but I prefer to think of it as Rainbow Sprinkles. By Paolo Ceric Thought it was pretty neat.

Animated gif by Paolo Ceric

This guy never ceases to amaze me. It really makes me want to do even something so simple as the neon sign effect.

animated gif

Animated gif by Paolo Ceric

I had been unable to find the artist who created the following piece and I searched quite a few places for quite some time. Finally did.

Crazy swirling rainbow animated gif

David Skazaly

David Whyte is a Ph.D. candidate at Trinity College in Dublin and has co-authored papers on esoteric topics like a Z-cone model for the energy of an ordered foam, and is also a prolific artist whose medium of choice is the animated gif. The following is his creation.


So what do you think? Awesome right? You know it’s so.

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