Charles Dana Gibson, Gibson Girls Illustrator, Public Domain Images

The Overworked American Father

Charles Dana Gibson was an American illustrator (September 14, 1867 – December 23, 1944) most famous for his images of  turn of the 20th century women. His drawings were often featured in Life magazine and other prominent publications. The images shown here are all in the public domain requiring no attribution and are free from copyright constraints.  If you have need of these for any reason feel free to save.


I often use his images on templates I’ve made for memes.  I don’t do any scrapbooking, but those of you who do might find a use for any or all of these, so as I said, feel free to save.  As far as that goes, anyone that does any type of arts and crafts might find them handy to have.

The American Bodyguard

Wild Enthusiasm

One Picture in the Salon

Only Pebble


The Night Before


Man in Love

A Love Song

The Lass That Loved a Sailor

Interested in the Winner

Inauguration Day in the Diplomatic Gallery, Washington

She Looked Down

Good Fish

Gibson Girl Portrait

Garden of Youth

Gibson Girl’s Profile

A Christmas Fantasy


Man that Broke the Bank

At Bruant’s

Advice to Hostess

Glancing Through

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