Carved Watermelons A Fruitful Art

The fruitful art of watermelon carving. It’s like the first person that ever ate an oyster; what made them think that slimy blob would taste good? What made people think to carve a watermelon up into anything other than slices to eat? There are even contests for the best carved fruits. Some of these are so very intricate, it makes me wonder how someone could spend so much time on something when it’s just going to end up going to waste and rotting. I guess though a photograph can keep it perpetually fresh. Take a look at these examples and let us know what you think about this fruitful art.

This first piece is by Italian Valeriano Fatica of the Game of Thrones “White Walker”. The others I had no luck in finding the artist’s names, but if anyone happens to know or has created any of these, please let us know and I’ll be happy to update and credit.

game-of-thrones-watermelon-carving-night-king-white-walker-valeriano-fatica-12amazing-watermelon-carvings-1-200x300 amazing-watermelon-carvings-2-300x205 amazing-watermelon-carvings-3-300x298 amazing-watermelon-carvings-4-225x300 amazing-watermelon-carvings-8-276x300 amazing-watermelon-carvings-12-300x239 amazing-watermelon-carvings-16-300x295 amazing-watermelon-carvings-24-300x236 amazing-watermelon-carvings-29-225x300 amazing-watermelon-carvings-31-300x215 amazing-watermelon-carvings-33-300x225 amazing-watermelon-carvings-37-300x228 amazing-watermelon-carvings-39-210x300 enhanced-buzz-8267-1280847254-3 enhanced-buzz-8275-1280846853-1 enhanced-buzz-8275-1280847448-5 enhanced-buzz-8278-1280846882-2 enhanced-buzz-8283-1280847308-2 enhanced-buzz-8294-1280846937-2 enhanced-buzz-8295-1280846830-0 enhanced-buzz-8295-1280847754-12 enhanced-buzz-8296-1280847911-10 enhanced-buzz-8297-1280847332-3 enhanced-buzz-8299-1280847726-10 enhanced-buzz-8300-1280847586-9 enhanced-buzz-8300-1280847921-16 enhanced-buzz-8302-1280847612-3 enhanced-buzz-8303-1280846712-1 enhanced-buzz-8303-1280847096-6 enhanced-buzz-8303-1280847278-7 enhanced-buzz-8304-1280846861-2

I’m lucky to carve a turkey at Thanksgiving so I can’t really comment on the talent it takes to create something like this, but I think the flowers are the best and most intricate. What do you think? Leave us a comment and let us know.

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