A Look At Some Bears- 30 Images

I couldn’t think of anything in particular to post about today, so I thought, just for grins, let’s take a look at a few of the types of¬† things we’re not supposed to be poking. ūüėȬ† These first three pictures are of a Red Panda, (which I didn’t even know existed until today). They are SO cute.¬† Very fox like. They are also on the Endangered Species list so that may be why I’ve never heard of them; they’re obviously rare.

And of course you have your Teddy bears, named for U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt.¬† On November 14, 1902 he was on a bear hunting trip in Mississippi and his fellow hunters and aides had all spotted bears, but he hadn’t seen one.¬† His head assistant cornered a black bear and tied it to a tree and told Roosevelt he could shoot it; an offer he refused as he said it was “unsportsmanlike.”¬† Word of the event soon spread and a political cartoonist spoofed Roosevelt and his refusal to shoot the bear.¬† Morris Michtom, who owned a candy shop, saw the cartoon in the November 16th edition of The Washington Post and decided to make a stuffed toy bear and dedicate it to the president.¬† And now they’re EVERYWHERE. Some of the most expensive and also collectible are those made by Steiff.

I think Polar bears are really beautiful, they’re pretty ferocious too though so they’re definitely not ones to poke.

Panda bears are just too adorable. They look like they should roll wherever they’re going, like a big furry ball. Looks can be deceiving though. Despite their laid back “let me chew on this bamboo all day” look, they can be dangerous. They also have a vigorous sex drive so you can figure out what they do when they’re not into their bamboo.

The Koala bear isn’t actually a bear, but a marsupial, carrying its babies in a pouch.¬† They’re pretty laid back too, lounging around sleeping in trees most days.¬† The terrifying “drop bear” you may have heard about in association with Koalas is mainly a legend. Eucalyptus leaves are their favored munch and this is one reason they sleep so much.¬† There aren’t that many energy nutrients in their favored diet.

The following¬† bears are known as Gummy Bears and are favorites of a whole lot of people, not just kids. They’ve had their own television show, their own song, although there are a few different manufacturers who compete for the candy market. Gummy candies have been around since the 1920’s though when they were first concocted in Bonn, Germany by Hans Riegel.

Grizzly bears are probably best known for their ferocity. They are actually a sub-species of the brown bear so you’ll see why these three pictures, and the next three of the brown bear resemble each other so closely.¬† To be honest, if the images hadn’t been labeled in the results of my search, I wouldn’t be able to tell them apart.

Brown bears normally hibernate during the winter months and are protected from the cold, and lack of available food by doing so. These aren’t the type of bear you’d want to poke either.¬† Weighing between 200 and 1000 pounds, depending on season, age, sex, etc. they have not only that weight and bulk behind them but they have extra long claws. The better to swipe you with my dear!

Clip art bears are graphics and illustrations that can be downloaded and used for a variety of different projects. I like the first one of these three.¬† We¬†have the perfect one already for the “Don’t Poke The Bear” page or I’d use it to make some sort of cover image.

Black bears are the smallest bears found in North America.¬† They top out around 800 pounds.¬† Their lesser weight and size though doesn’t stop them from being very dangerous. They range the country from Canada to Mexico and can be found in at least 40 states, so when you’re out in the woods, make certain to keep an eye peeled so you don’t become a statistic.

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