A Look At Lace

A poem is a spider web spun with words of wonder, Woven lace held in place by whispers made of thunder.
— Charles Ghigna

Chantilly Lace~ Original Chantilly lace  was black with scalloped edges but the modern type comes in many different colors.  It has a design of flowers that have been outlined with silk on a background of netting. It is named for the city in France where it was first made.

Black Chantilly Lace

White Chantilly Lace

Tatted Lace~  Cotton thread is formed into knots using a shuttle and is often used for edging on pillow covers, collars and handkerchiefs, but could be applied to anything as a decorative embellishment. I tried it a time or two but never could get the hang of it.


Colored Tatting

ALENCON~ Raised motifs sometimes outlined with cord or beads on a net background.

Ivory Alcenon

Antique Alcenon

VENETIAN LACE~ This lace is not worked on a background of net but is stitched onto cloth that when processed disintegrates so the motifs are more apparent.  Original Venetian lace is a very costly.

Venetian Lace Cherubs

Antique Venetian Lace

EDGING LACE~  One side of this lace is scalloped and the other straight. As the name suggests it is normally used to edge items, such as sleeves, hems, pillowcases and the like.

Green Edging Lace

Light Pink Edging

CROCHETED LACE~ The most common type of crocheted lace is Irish and is one of the few handmade laces made today.  Doilies are classified as crocheted lace.  These examples following I made.

Crocheted Doily

Crocheted Spiral Doily

Gathered Lace~ The top of this lace is gathered and is used to add frills to garments usually.

Gathered Cotton Lace

Gathered Black Net Lace

Tasseled Lace~ Tasseled lace is usually used on clothing, pillow cushions and furniture.  Finer types are sometimes seen on accessories such as purses and scarves.

Beaded Tasseled Lace

Tasseled Star Lace

LACE APPLIQUÉS~ This type of lace has the advantage of being far more affordable than other types and can be used on many different types of items, but is most commonly seen on clothing.

Black Lace Applique

Four Different Lace Appliques

RIBBON PASS LACE~ This type of lace has evenly space openings to pass a ribbon through.

White Ribbon Pass Lace

Ivory Ribbon Pass Lace

Insertion Lace~ This type of lace is inserted between two pieces of fabric and normally is straight on both sides.

Geometric Pattern Insertion Lace

Ivory Insertion Lace

 RIC RAC LACE~ This always has a zig zag pattern and is often added to with embroidery to personalize.

Personalized Ric Rac

Everyday Ric Rac

The most common use for lace is on wedding dresses, slips and other types of women’s clothing.

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