24 Absolutely Amazing Images of Hummingbirds

Like many other birds, hummingbirds migrate to the South in the winter and then back northwards in the spring.  Where I live on the Gulf Coast of Texas, I usually see them here in the months of April and May and during the fall at the end of August and all through September and usually October.  So if you live in this general vicinity or in any of the other southern states, now is the time to break out your feeders and lay in a supply of nectar.  If you keep the feeders full you’ll be able to spend quite a few hours watching their amazing antics.

Most of the photographers I acquired these pictures from didn’t have the species type listed, they were just captioned “hummingbird” for the most part and I’d try to identify them all but there is such a big difference between the males and females it makes it hard to distinguish between the two by sex or by type, and I did start to but I couldn’t reach any exact opinion on more than a few.  So rather than be wrong, I’ll just say they’re awesome and if you’re really interested you can take a look around the web yourself.  I’d bet you’ll do a better job than I would have. I’m sure you’ll recognize the most common birds though, such as the “ruby-throated hummingbird.”

Whatever their particular family they are all a joy to watch.  It never ceases to amaze me how fast their wings beat and how swiftly they dart from place to place with such a tiny body.

The bird below was identified though and it’s quite rare as there are only a few species of it compared to the others.  This is the “Spiderhunter”.

Now this guy below sure has the beak like a hummingbird, but I’m not sure if it’s a hummingbird at all.  I didn’t see any similar to it when I was looking up different types and Googling their images.

I think this bird with the shiny green feathers and that flashy purple and cobalt eyeshadowing is absolutely stunning, and what’s better yet is he’s perched.  I would think that hummingbirds are probably really tough to photograph well, the way they’re always so quickly on the move.

I love the last image in this collection, with the sunset sky in the background and just the silhouette showing.  Hopefully if you put up a nectar filled feeder, you’ll get to see some of these birds in your own yards soon as they make their yearly winter way to warmer climes.  There are so many simple things in life that can make it peaceful; we need to take the time to enjoy them.


  1. Wonderful pictures thank you!

  2. You’re very welcome! Glad you liked them. 🙂

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